Top Vacuum Cleaners Without Wall Mount & No-Drill Installation Guide


Top Vacuum Cleaners Without Wall Mount & No-Drill Installation Guide

Vacuum Cleaners Without Wall MountInspired by a Reddit Post

Stumbled upon a Reddit post that read:


Looking for a cordless stick vacuum I can just plug in to charge instead of mounting something to my apartment wall.


This got me thinking, do cordless vacuum cleaners without wall mounts really exist?


So, I decided to dive into this topic and create a detailed guide to help you find the best vacuum cleaner that doesn't require a wall mount.


If you already own a vacuum cleaner, this article also includes a step-by-step guide on how to install it without drilling holes or damaging your walls.


Top 2 Features a Vacuum Cleaner Without Wall Mount Should Have

When searching for the best vacuum cleaner without a wall mount, two key features stand out: cordless operation and self-standing capability. Without these, you're essentially looking at a wall-mounted vacuum rather than a truly independent sweeper.


100% Cord-Free: A vacuum without a wall mount should be completely cordless. These sweepers run on rechargeable batteries, allowing for easy recharging. Simply plug the battery into an outlet without the need to return the entire vacuum to a wall-mounted docking station.


Self-Standing: Only self-standing vacuum cleaners can stand on their own without wall mounts. This means you can place it on the floor or in a corner without drilling holes to install a wall mount. Just set the vacuum on the floor, and you're done.


No cables, no cords, no drilling—that’s what the best vacuum cleaner without a wall mount should be.


Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner Without Wall Mount: Vactidy V9 Pro

The Vactidy V9 Pro is a 100% wire-free vacuum cleaner that stands on its own without needing to lean against walls or be mounted. Its unique self-standing design allows you to simply place this cordless, bagless vacuum on the floor without any extra effort.


When the doorbell rings or your pet creates a mess mid-clean, there's no need to awkwardly prop up or search for a place to mount your vacuum. Just set the Vactidy V9 Pro down, and you're ready to attend to other tasks.


This versatile vacuum comes with three attachments, making it ideal for various cleaning tasks:


Roller Brush: Perfect for hardwood floors, carpets, and stairs.

Soft Brush: Great for cleaning dust off sofas, beds, and curtains.

Crevice Tool: Ideal for reaching dust in corners and crevices.

Whether you're cleaning your home, car, garage, basement, or office, the Vactidy V9 Pro handles it all. Its portability allows you to easily move it indoors or outdoors, upstairs or downstairs.


Check out the video below to see how Brian E. Niskala fell in love with the Vactidy V9 Pro vacuum cleaner without a wall mount.


Step-by-Step Guide to Install Vacuum Cleaner Without Drilling

Wondering if you can mount a Dyson without drilling? How about installing a Dyson wall mount without using a drill? If you already own a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner but don't want to damage your home décor with screws, we’ve got you covered!


Follow this step-by-step guide to mount your vacuum cleaner’s docking station without drilling or screws.


Step 1: Choose a Solid Wall

Select a wall that is strong enough to support the weight of your vacuum cleaner.


Step 2: Mark the Mounting Points

Identify the best spots to fix your vacuum cleaner’s wall mount and mark these positions with a pencil.


Step 3: Use Heavy-Duty Mounting Strips

Purchase super-powerful, heavy-duty double-sided mounting strips or 3M tapes. Apply several strips to the wall, then press the wall mount onto the strips firmly. Ensure the strips are capable of holding more weight than your vacuum cleaner.


Step 4: Allow Adhesive to Set

Wait 24-36 hours after applying the wall mount to the strips. This gives the adhesive time to set properly. Once set, you can hang your vacuum cleaner on the wall mount without drilling.


Important Note: Double-sided mounting strips don’t last forever and there is a risk of the mount falling. For maximum safety and convenience, the best solution is to opt for a self-standing vacuum cleaner that doesn’t require wall mounting at all.



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